Improving the packaging of your products is very SIMPOLWe offer you the innovative and sustainable alternatives you need to simplify your packaging process and save resources.

Improve your packaging
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Imagine having an expert team in packaging solutions within your company.Because having the appropriate personalized packaging for each of your products is no longer a headache when you have ateam of packaging experts integrated into your company to solve the entire process: from the choice of materials to printing techniques.
That’s us. So SIMPOL.

We help food, cosmetics, pharmacy or parapharmacy companies to achieve responsible packaging in every sense.Not only with the environment. This goes far beyond achieving sustainable packaging and reducing plastic.

Because packaging is an essential part of the product.Its impact at all levels is enormous. You know very well that having the best possible packaging means:

Capture the attention and increase purchasing possibilities.

Differentiate your brand and generate recognition in the market.

Cause a high perception of worth about the product and the brand.

Adequately protect the product and avoid risks.

Help throughout the entire process manufacturing of packaging and homologation of materials.

Comply with all regulations and demonstrate the commitment of your company.

Increase the satisfaction and loyalty the client’s..

Reduce costs long-term production, storage and transportation.

Do you think there are enough reasons to never settle for the packaging solutions we already know?Yes to us.

Improve your packaging
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A recent success story in the food sectorDiscretion towards our clients is above all, but we can tell you that, in a single project, we have achieved:


Anual saving


Anual spends


Num. of materials used


Materials recyclable

Because there is always one better alternative.We believe in it above all and that ‘worm’ together with our commitment, experience and knowledge of the sector is what allows us to do a great job with each client.

Printing materials and techniques are our forte.

That is why we can offer you personalized alternatives for your needs.

More than sustainable packaging, we want sustainable companies.

That is why we work to optimize materials, processes, time and resources.

Being small makes us big.

Our family character is evident in the closeness, honesty, agility and flexibility with which we approach each project.

We are alert to detect new trends and technologies.

Because we want to change the way we do packaging.

Work side by side, with agility and transparency, too it’s very SIMPOL.This is our work process:

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1. ResearchWe identify the needs, the feasibility of the project, its scope and execution phases.
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2. DefinitionWe establish the team, the objectives and the specific work plan to follow.
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3. Start phaseWe carry out a functional analysis with the participation of the company, we define the processes and tasks and identify the risks and possible deviations.
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4.Development phaseWe develop alternatives to improve packaging, create samples when necessary and approve suppliers, among others.
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5.Implementation phaseWe implement improvements or alternative materials in the production of packaging, we carry out industrial tests and address the approval of alternatives and confidentiality agreements.
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6.Verification phaseComprobamos el éxito de los materiales o alternativas en producción y redactamos un informe final de proyecto.
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7. Follow-up phaseWe collect customer feedback and prepare a report on improvements to implement in future projects.

What we value most about project development with SIMPOL is teamwork and effective communication, as well as their ability toproblem solving and advice.

The weekly monitoring of ongoing projects has allowed theeffective collaboration and continuous improvement from both sides. Furthermore, the fact of knowing the sector in depth has facilitated the synergies between both companies and the innovative proposal of new materials and strategies.”

Company in the food sector

Working together with Simpol in recent years has been a real pleasure, as they offer impeccable assistance at all times. It is a company that takes its time tounderstand the needs of each of your clients and offer them a tailored solution. Our relationship with them has given us significant growth in recent years, it could be said that we have been growing hand in hand.

Company in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector

Our relationship with Simpol has always been very positive. TheThe company’s customer service is excellent. We have always felt very goodadvised and above allaccompanied in any incident that may have arisen, an aspect that we value and appreciate.

Company in the food sector

You just need to tell us how we can help you.These are our featured packaging solutions:

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ParapharmacyAluminum for blister packs
Featured image
Cold foilThe only European company with 2 Cold Foil lines for paper wrapping and cases with registered metallization.
Featured image
DairyCaps and banners
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InfusionsPyramid filter with complete combo label and envelope
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Heat-sealable traysThe “Zero Plastic” alternative to PET containers.

Do you think that your product is worth of a brand new packaging, efficient and responsible?We’ll listen upon the click of this button

Improve your packaging
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